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RQ Encounter Generator reaches 1900: RQ6 Monsters all covered, Pamaltela and City Gangs

RQ Encounter Generator passed the 1900 templates mark this weekend. This also marks the point of having all encounters from RQ6 rules book covered.

Rq6 book encounters added
-Acephali Skirmisher

Pamaltela carnivore encounters added

-Painted Wolf
-Painted Wolf, Alpha Male
-Painted Wolf Pack

City encounters added
-City Gang
-Just Another Street Gang
-City Gang Member
-City Gang Member (Underling)
-City Gang Member (Rabble)

Added also feature list for Pavis Street Gang names, Bakru Curses and Curse Durations.

Here is another undead - this time a Ghoul (Dark Troll)

Finally a possible campaign stopper - this time in Dragon Pass
Greater Hydra of Dragon Pass ... ity-gangs/

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Game Night supported by RQ6 Encounter tool

RQ Encounter Generator provides you a way to very quickly generate evenings worth of encounters for your RQ6 game session. There are more than 1900 distinct encounter templates for enemies and hundreds of different ready made party encounters. There are multiple ways of using the floor for preparing.

A. Using it on the fly

You need to have internet connection and preferably a printer available.

Find an enemy or party using the search tools

1. filter by category

2. search with any word and/or opponent skill level ... nter-tool/

3. browse or press "Do you feel lucky"

4. Generate

5. Save to a location of your choice or just print or use the pdf.

This might cause a disruption in the flow of your session so what I do usually is as follows.

B. Preparing for the session before hand

Sometimes you are preparing for a session well before the players come in. Sometimes it is half an hour or even less. The following approach is fit for both but of course you will have more time to think about the results of your preparation if you do it for example in the previous night.

I usually use loopy planning defined by Johnn Four which I have had very good experience so far.

Step 1 - the search

What I have usually done - for an evenings' game I create pdf's out of the usual suspects of the area I am playing in - using the filtering and searching. I take care to look at the hanging threads and the plans of the enemies (loopy planning) when I am searching for encounters.

I might mark a few search results as favorites. I might filter with a keyword and press "Do you feel lucky" a few times and create pdf's out of those.

For example if I would need different kind of plants I would print out the "Not really a rose garden" - same for dinosaurs.

For a city I print out a bar and a market plus some random law enforcement and villains, a temple or two.

Usually it is enough to generate 2 or 3 encounters worth of enemies per terrain type or hanging thread. If the encounters are not rabble or underlings it might be hard to go thru more than a few robust melees or adverse encounters in an evening.

Step 2 - keeping the results

Usually I print the generated enemies out as I probably need to mark hit points down while fight goes on.

I keep a list of recurring enemies (the ones they did not manage to kill the first time round or that have hanging threads from previous session etc) in Evernote or Dropbox or printed out on a folder.

It is quite rare that I cannot live with these printouts as it is difficult during an evening session to go thru more than a few melees

Step 3 - adhoc

Sometimes during a game I need certain kind of enemy that I did not prepare for - I search for it and print it out from my iPad to a local printer. ... nter-tool/

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So you want to generate RQ Encounters for RQ6 but do not want them to be in Glorantha

There are people who want to play in different worlds than in Glorantha but still want to use Runequest 6 and make it easy to create the encounters. That is very straightforward. There is an article on searching but below are few extra tips.

Use the filters

Select either "Fantasy", "RQ6", "Sea". "Plant", "Jungle", "Monster Island", "Chaos" as your filters in enemies or parties page. Most of the results will be non Gloranthan

There is a tag "Rq6" that shows you only the monsters defined in RQ6 rule book. There are a few missing (humans, elves, dwarves but they are described with their Gloranthan counterparts). I added the tag to most my creations but there are some in RQ6 book that I have not created the template but somebody else has. There is also a tag "Monster Island" which shows all the entries from Monster Island.

Use the home page

Type -Glorantha on the home page and you will get only non Gloranthan results. Currently the minus only works in the home page. for example try typing into the home page (not enemies page, not parties page) Fantasy -Glorantha -Sea and you will see the list which has tags "Fantasy" but not Glorantha and not Sea.

Search with monster names

Search "Giant", "Zombie", "Skeleton", "Lion", "Tiger", "Sorcerer", "Primitive" etc and you will find quite a few entries.

About the tags.

Tags are personal - so each creator of the encounter can only tag his own entries. There might therefore be differences in how people have tagged their creations over time.

Very short introduction how to map (Gloranthan) RQ Encounters to your generic fantasy world.

Many encounters in RQ Encounter tool are made for Glorantha but you can use all or most of them easily on any world with just a few tips.

I am really direct and brief here - so forgive me - oh grognards of Glorantha for inaccuracies.

Forget about the names of the gods - think of the aspect below.
If you do not like to use the magic provided - discard it.
If you do not want to think of gods at all - drop them - just use the spells.

Mapping list

Orlanth = Storm god, god of warriors. Worshippers of Orlanth can be used as your standard barbarians
Umathela, Sartar = your standard barbarian areas
Afadjann, Fonrit,Kareeshtu = Think of thousand and one nights tales inhabitants
Agimori - Very tall dark people
Agartha, Akakor, Zerzura = Serpent people tribes from Monster Island
Anguri, Gabari, Gamari,Ghidori, Kamacuri, Kangi,Kumongi, Oodaki, Primitive tribesmen from jungle from Monster Island
Aranea = Spider god
Argan Argar = Troll trader god
Pavis = big frontier city
Balazaring = primitive hunter gatherers
Basmoli = Lion god
Broo = Chaos Hybrids with usually goat's heads
Chaos = that unruly evil thing that you must oppose
Undead = those that live but do not
Doraddi = another tall, dark people tribe
Lodril = Volcano god
Exiger = excellent fighters
Etyries, Issaries = trader gods
Humakt = death god for warriors
Wachaza = Sea warrior death god
Ludoch, Malasp = mermen
Lunar = civilized warriors - think Roman, Persian
Lankhor Mhy = knowledge god
Odayla = hunter god
Waha = nomad chieftain god
Mallia = Causer of Disease God
Chalana Arroy = Healer god
Thed, Ragnaglar = Chaos Gods
Thanatari = Chaos knowledge god - headhunters
Yelmalio = Solar warrior god
Yelm = Solar ruler god.
This tackles most common ones in the RQ Encounter parties list.

Putting on my Protection from Flames spell with maximum intensity...

Creating your own encounters

If you do not find the right kind of encounters it is easy to create your own. Use a good tagging strategy when you do - see how others have tagged theirs. ... glorantha/

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Sea Monsters of Glorantha – Brief Overview

Summer is the time for frolicking in the sea. Here are a few sea monsters for RQ Encounter Generator inspired by an article about prehistoric sea monsters.

- Megalodon - a Giant Shark
- Liopleurodon - Carnivorous Sea Reptile
- Basilosaurus - Carnivorous Whale
- Sea Scorpion
- Dunkleosteus - Armored Fish
- Kronosaur
- Helicoprion - Buzzsaw Shark , young adult
- Livyatan - Carnivorous Whale
- Giant Stingray

There are of course others

-Assassin Conch
-Great Barracuda
-Great Dragonfish
-Crab, Giant
-Clam, Giant
-Devouring Fangtooth
-Giant Eel
-Giant Jellyfish
-Kraken Weed
-Placoderm, Great Tiger
-Sea Serpent
-Sea Dragon
-Savanger - Bloodbird
-Tiger Turtle
-White Shark
and or course Zeech, the Slithering Whale ... -overview/

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More Sea Monsters of Glorantha

Here are few more sea monsters for RQ Encounter Generator inspired by the excellent Hearts In Glorantha Collection, volume 1.

Giant Sea Worm (Underdecker)
Shadow Squid
Ludoch Lancers Guard riding Hippocampi
Ghoul Sailor
Ghoul Sailor - Ship's Officer
Ghoul Ship party
More Sea Monsters are available here ... glorantha/

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Morituri Te Salutant - Gladiators in RQ6 and Glorantha

Gladiators - Pete Nash wrote an excellent article on gladiators for Swedish Roleplaying Magazine - Fenix He described well the many different forms of gladiators and their tactics which is well worth a look. Gladiators in history were very popular and could be a good source of scenario hooks in addition to forcing the players to arena to participate.

Here are RQ Encounter Generator versions of them. These are all human...

- Gladiator - Provocateur
- Gladiator - Provocator - Veteran
- Gladiator - Murmillo
- Gladiator - Murmillo - Veteran
- Gladiator - Sartar
- Gladiator - Esrolian
- Gladiator - Hoplomachus
- Gladiator - Retiarius
- Gladiator - Dimachaerus
- Gladiator - Sartar,veteran
- Gladiator - Esrolian,veteran
- Gladiator - Hoplomachus,veteran
- Gladiator - Retiarius,veteran
- Gladiator - Dimachaerus,veteran

"Returning to the Arena today, after five years in retirement. We are pleased to bring you... the only undefeated champion in Fonrit history: the legendary Doom That Came from Temissrah

- Gladiator - Murmillo - Master

Here are all of them at school

- Gladiator School ... glorantha/

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Adventures in Glorantha Take 2: RQ Encounter Generator Previews All The World's Monsters

Adventures in Glorantha Preview finally brings us official RQ6 versions of multitude of beasts in Glorantha. So far we have 35+ years of history of different versions of Runequest and magazines. AiG gives them an unified view of the stats and skills. This of course meant that I needed to change the stats in RQ6 Encounter Generator as these have been so far either direct conversions or my interpretations of the monsters. The enemies that have been changed are still my interpretations of the AiG as they are based on the Preview and the rules are not fully complete yet. Like noted in my first look at Adventures in Glorantha elder races are not yet described in AiG Preview. I remain in gratitude that I got permission at GenCon to do this upgrade under the normal Fan Policy.

All the enemies in RQ Encounter Generator that have been presented in AiG have now been gone thru and the skills, stats, hit locations, armour, movement rates, weapon damage and abilities have been revised and updated. Many new entries also exist in the additional feature tables but they contain also many of the previous entries. In many cases the skills have gone up, new skills added and abilities added or even removed - in many other cases the characteristics are different than originally. There are also new additional features like Gloranthan Snake Venom types. For example Dream Dragons are far more deadlier and versatile opponents than originally. As the AiG preview does not contain the cults yet - my versions of the entries have versions of Glorantha One Pager cults - like Aranea. This is a first cut and I may need to tune them still in future and the changes may reverberate to other monsters that are similar to these. All the changed monsters have a tag Aig on them so they can be easily found.

Textual descriptions in AiG feel in most cases richer than original entries in the original book or magazine. There is advice on tactics in many cases. Some of the entries in AiG are very rich indeed (like the Vampire or Dream Dragon). I can feel the sense of care being put to the bestiary as unified whole and can only imagine the moments of cackling madness of joy that the creators must have had in creating and writing the monsters. This is Glorantha brought to the 2015's. I am looking forward to final version of AiG in Chaosium Runequest as an indispensable aid for GM in Glorantha.

Here is the list of updated monsters.

-Basilisk, Gloranthan
-Gloranthan Bat, Giant
-Bison, Bull
-Bolo Lizard
-Charnjibber Early Season
-Charnjibber Mid Season
-Charnjibber Late Season
-Cliff Toad
-Cockatrice, Gloranthan
-Demi Bird
-Dragonsnail, Three headed
-Dream Dragon Adult (+ runic breath weapons)
-Triceratops, Young Adult
-Triceratops, Ancient Matriarch-
-Gargoyle, small
-Gargoyle, medium
-Gargoyle, large
-Ghoul, Human Gloranthan
-Gorp, Large
-Harpy Nest - party
-High Llama
-Lesser Hydra
-Do-Karal, Scourge of the Countryside
-Jack-o_bear, Just Weaned
-Dringi (Free Jolanti)
-Karrg Beetle
-Krarsthkid, Small
-Krarsthkid, Old Digger
-Raptor, Giant (and Giant Grok Hawk)
-Lizard, Rock
-Rubble Runner
-Shadow Cat, Young
-Sky Bull
-Slime Deer
-Fang Snake
-Slime Snake
-Rainbow Snake
-Spit Snake
-Stake Snake
-Stone Snake
-Fethlon Python
-Gloranthan Venomous Snake
-Male Hunter Spider
-Female Breeder, Young
-Great Mother Spider
-Gloranthan Wyrm
-Water Wyrm
-Lesser Vampire ... -monsters/

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Timinits and Nymphs - RQ Encounter Finds Some Odd Couples

There were few missing timinits as well as most of the nymphs.
You will find Arachans those spidery carnivores now created here

-Arachan Hunter
-Arachan Shaman
-Arachan Timinit Party

The nymphs are done according to AiG. Dryad given is a young one - the rest of them will be updated in due time. I left the original Hag as is and created a new one named Hag of Darkness according to Adventures in Glorantha.
-Dryad Gardener, Elder Sister
-Hag of Darkness

Some animals were missing as well from the edges of the world. Polar Bears are the largest of the bears and great swimmers. Sting worm scuttle wherever there are Uz habitations and the smallest of the great sand worms has found its way here as well.
-Polar Bear
-Giant Worm - Sandswimmer ... d-couples/

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Spirits in The Night - Beast, Darkness, Death, Chaos and Mastery Spirits in AiG

Spirit societies for Adventures in Glorantha was presented in a previous post. Here are the first adaptations of that for RQ Encounter Generator. Spirits in the Night indeed - the new rules for spirits in Adventures in Glorantha give lots of variation for the spirits to the already great rules for spirits in Runequest 6. The aspect of Runes is shown to much greater extent in the new spirit rules. The rules there are not final yet - so they could change in the Runequest Glorantha book.

Spirit combat can look less deadly with the new rules but variation for the spirits is significantly greater. There are new rules there but here is an adaptation of the AiG spirits that can be used both with or without the new ruleset.In this first set there are spirits for just a few of the runes.

You can find all new spirits in the Spirits in the Night Party if you want to generate just spirits. All the work has been done for you - just generate away...

Spirits who are of Grand status are usually intensity 4 which can be interpreted as run away - fast as you can and hope they do not notice you.

For Mastery rune

- Mastery Curse Spirit (Lesser, Typical, Major, Grand)
- Gloranthan Blessing of the Mastery Spirit (Lesser, Typical, Major, Grand)
- Gloranthan Mastery Spirit (Lesser, Typical, Major, Grand)
- Ruler spirit - Mastery

For Death rune

- Death Curse Spirit (Lesser, Typical, Major, Grand)
- Disease spirit (Lesser, Typical, Major, Grand). These are now separate from Sickness spirits. Disease spirits carry only have Gloranthan diseases currently
- Death Curse Spirit (Lesser, Typical, Major, Grand)
- Gloranthan Death's Blessing Spirit (Lesser, Typical, Major, Grand)
- Gloranthan Death Spirit (Lesser, Typical, Major, Grand)
- Gloranthan Death Spell Spirit (Lesser, Typical, Major, Grand) Larger varieties of these can have Rune spells
- Ruler spirit - Death

For Chaos rune

- Gloranthan Chaos Spirit (Lesser, Typical, Major, Grand)
- Ruler Spirit - Chaos

For Beast rune

- Gloranthan Beast Spirit (Lesser, Typical, Major, Grand)
- Ruler Spirit - Beast

For Darkness Rune

- Gloranthan Darkness Spirit (Lesser, Typical, Major, Grand)
- Ruler Spirit - Darkness

Malia initiate, acolyte and high shaman spirit societies have been updated with the new spirits. You can get the new spirit society into use just by generating any of the current foes who use that - for example: this nice Broo Shaman. The other way is just to attach one of the ranks of Malia spirit society into your template. Same goes for Waha (initiate, shaman and high shaman). With Waha I have retained the earth and law spirit association even though Waha does not have Runes for those. I have also retained the ancestor spirits here for the meanwhile. The rest of the spirit societies will come later.

New additional features

- Spirit Abilities for all the Runes
- Blessing of the spirit abilities for Death, Mastery
- Spells for Death rune
- Gloranthan Diseases contains only the Gloranthan Diseases. ... ts-in-aig/

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Paikkakunta: Culbrea/Pavis/Helsinki
Lunars have Adventures in Glorantha

Here are the bringers of civilisation, the light of the goddess, the sharp edge of the empire, the thin line between chaos and the world, the word that cannot be spoken, the collectors of the coin that shall be emperor's, the foot that stomps, keepers of order that must be kept, the long shadow of the bat to come. RQ Encounter Generator welcomes the updated Lunar Provincial troops - the troops that stoutly sacrifice all in the name of the Emperor and the goddess to protect the innocent - and protect above all the interests of the empire from those who would defile it. Convert and serve the goddess - it is in your best interest...

These now take into account passions towards locals and the Empire, expanded skill sets from Rq6 and AiG, the Lunar combat styles (Sagittarian Peltast, Lunar Corps Hoplite, Pelorian Cavalry, Antelope Lancer and new weaponry (Moon sword, Khopesh, Kontos and the new shields)). You can also add to your own Lunars a cult which has the common Folk magic spells for Lunar Provincials.

You will see these in Pavis, Sartar and Esrolia.

- Lunar Agent
- Lunar Peltast
- Lunar Peltast Officer
- Lunar Peltast Officer on a city patrol
- Lunar Peltast on a city patrol
- Lunar Hoplite
- Lunar Hoplite Officer
- Lunar Hoplite Officer on a city patrol
- Lunar Hoplite Officer, Danfive Xaron Acolyte
- Lunar Hoplite Officer, Danfive Xaron Devotee
- Lunar Hoplite Officer, Danfive Xaron Initiate
- Lunar Hoplite on a city patrol
- Lunar Hoplite, Veteran
- Lunar Hoplite, Veteran, Strong one
- Lunar Antelope Lancer
- Lunar Antelope Lancer Officer
- Lunar Cavalry
- Lunar Cavalry Officer
- Lunar Agent
- Lunar Tax Collector

The parties have been updated as well

- Lunar Antelope Lancer Party
- Lunar Cavalry Patrol
- Lunar Hoplite City patrol
- Lunar Hoplite City patrol - first response
- Lunar Hoplite Field Patrol
- Lunar Hoplite Field Patrol, Danfive Xaron
- Lunar Peltast City Patrol
- Lunar Peltast City Patrol - First Response
- Lunar Peltast Field Patrol
- Lunar Tax Collectors

The rabble and the nobles (and followers of the bat) will likely follow in the footsteps of the forward troops - they always do. ... glorantha/

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In honor of Sacred time here is a Chaos Special

Chaos Special - There Are Broos Everywhere

Here we celebrate the most fertile of the chaotic races - the broo. They bring life to every party.
Here are a few new ones, of which the weasel broos are likely the only ones really dangerous.

- Rat Broo
- Rubble Runner Broo
- Dog Broo
- Pig Broo
- Weasel Broo
Here is an assertion of old ones. There are many others, such search for Broo

- Bear Broo
- Bison Broo
- Broo - Desert Raider
- Broo - Devotee of Primal Chaos
- Broo - Drool of Krarsht
- Broo - Focus of Chaos
- Broo - Ragnaglar Acolyte
- Broo - Ragnaglar Initiate
- Broo - Thed High Shaman
- Broo - Thed Initiate
- Broo - Thed Shaman
- Broo - Warrior Novice
- Broo - Goat
- Broo - Mallia High Shaman
- Broo - Mallia Initiate
- Broo Malia Shaman
- Bull Broo
- Bull Broo, Thed Iniatiate
- Chicken Broo
- Crocodile Broo, Thed Initiate
- Elephant Broo
- High Llama Broo
- Horse Broo
- Krarshtkid Broo
- Rabbit Broo
- Rhino Broo, Thed Initiate
- Scorpion Broo, Thed Initiate
- Shadow cat Broo
- Slime Broo (Bodiless)
- Slime Broo (Cat)
- Slime Broo(Snail)
- Slime Broo(Spidery)
- Slime Broo(Stinking)
- Slim Broo - Swollen, Priest of Pocharngo
- Slime Broo Shaman
- Stegosaurus Broo - Thed Initiate
- Styracosaurus Broo - Thed & Mallia Initiate
- Triceratops Broo - Primal Chaos Initiate
- Tyrannosaurus Broo
- Zombie Bison Broo
- Zombie Broo

Some Broo parties are here

- Broo - Service for Malia
- Broo Infestation
- Broo Raiders - Ragnaglar
- Broo Raiders - Thed
- Broo Raiding Party
- Broo Shaman Party
- Broo Warband, Small
- Broos Ahoy - Sailing ship with Broos
- Broos on the Road - Ragnaglar
- Broos on the Road - Thed
- Mixed Bag of Praxian Broo Raiders
- Mixed Bag of Sartar Broos
- Saurian Broos
- Tough Luck Brothers - Bison & Rhino Broos
- Zombie Broos
- Slime Broo Party ... verywhere/

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RQ Encounter Generator Creates Lycanthropes in Glorantha

I was reading the RQ2 rulebook electronic version that I received as part of the Kickstarter and noticed that I had missed many of the lycanthropes in the RQ Encounter Generator. Did a bit of search and found that Sandy had done a nice piece on Lycanthropes in Glorantha (in Forgotten Secrets of Glorantha) so decided to add all of those

- Bear walker
- Tiger Son
- Tusk Brother
- Were Shark
- Were Bat
- Were Deer
- Were Spider
- Were Jackal
- Telmori Werewolf
According to Sandy - were jackals do not have a tribe associated with them anymore. All others are Hsunchen

There are other were folk in Glorantha but these are now described. ... glorantha/

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To see the Monster Island and die - Monstropedia of Loral

Here are few new denizens of the beautiful island called Loral. It is populated by rare endangered pieces unified in their approach to life (hate the intruders). There is rather large treasure ship wrecked on the island and there used to be God Learners here long time ago so the historians are of course quite interested in the island. The below natural exhibits are imagined for RQ6 Encounter Generator. Among the less educated the island is called Monster Island. The sources have been the Tradetalk #13, Guide to Glorantha and Men at Sea.

- Toothbeast
- Kelrod - the Flying Turtle of Loral
- Yellow Ape (the four handed variety)
- Queen Kweng - the Giant Chimpanzee
- Loralian Howler (not to be confused with Dorastorian Howler)
- Flying Ray
- Pit Monster (not to be confused with Chaotic Pit Monster)
- Devourer
- Zotiran - the Slug of Loral
- Fritillra - the Giant Butter fly of Loral
-Daughters of Fritillra

Some are really co-operative and are driven by the sense to please (their palates) and fulfill their heart's desire (hate the intruders). Some of these are bad news indeed.

There are other pages on Monster Island

- Return to Monster Island
- Return to Monster Island Completed
- Plants of Glorantha ... -of-loral/

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2500 Encounter Templates - Demons, Nightgaunts, Undead,Foxwomen and Sea Wolves

Mythras Encounter Generator reached a boundary of 2500 Encounter Templates today. It is quite a ride since August 2013 when I first learned of the RQ Encounter Generator and started to contribute to it.

Here are few of the new ones I created during this weekend.

Animals for Glorantha or other places

- Agarzi - dog headed lizard
- Owl Moth
- Dende Boat Bird
- Spirit Fox
- Jerendal, Shell Deer
- Snagarl (Sea Wolf)
- Giant Tick

Chaos creatures
- Stag Broo

Intelligent beings
- Nightflyer (Sen Bardi) Scavenger
- Vuskarasas (Fox woman)

Undead and demonic beings
- Centaur Skeleton
- Tyrannosaurus Skeleton
- Kelpie
- Nuckelavee - Horse Demon of the Sea
- Nightgaunt
- Crushing Ooze Demon
- Tusk Rider Skeleton
- Tusk Brother Skeleton
- Tusker Skeleton
- Demi-Bird Skeleton

Here are some old posts to get the best out of the encounter generator

- Gaming Night Tips for RQ6 Encounter Generator
- Guide to Finding and Generating Enemies
- Creating a NPC and Parties
..if you do not want to use Glorantha ... ea-wolves/

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