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Noh, tässä on toinen tarina Gundasta... käännöksen teen varmaan huomenna tai ylihuomenna... Toivottavasti nämä nyt viihdyttävät. :smile: Vähän pidempi tällä kertaa... ja mukana taistelukohtaus, en oikein tiedä osaanko kuvata niitä "oikein" (siis ei fyysisesti oikein, vaan tarinankeronnan edun kannalta oikein).

Ja muuten... täytyy myöntää että kyllä nämä suomeksi ovat vähintään yhtä hyviä. :smile:

Thomas Lindfors

The screeches of seagulls pierced the starlit night. Gunda pushed herself up over the cliff's edge, panting. A hundred feet below her the waves crashed into jagged rocks, with a sound like the roar of some ancient monster.
Stopping only to secure the straps of her shield, Gunda - clad from head to toe in armour made in the Brithini style, claimed by some to date back from before Time itself - put the Spear of Solace under her arm and began moving through the uneven, rocky terrain, towards a dark shape rising before her.
The castle was shrouded in the night, all towering spires and dark crevices that could hide a thousand malevolent eyes. Gunda had sought the place for long, finally finding it out at sea, beyond even Ygg's Isles, the land of her birth. She had quested years to find the man who raped her mother. In the cities of the West she had found that the man had been a Vadeli, a red-skinned sorcerer. It had taken longer yet to find where the warlock dwelled, but finally Gunda had set out to the sea.
She had sailed long on a small ship, working her magics to the limits to keep herself awake and refreshed for the six-day trip. Finally she had found the island, jutting out from the sea like the last rotting tooth in a beggar's mouth. Leaving her ship on the shore of a smaller island standing nearby, she had flown by magic towards her target.
But as she had neared the isle, she had struck a magic barrier - one that left her bereft of all her magics. Plummetting to the sea, it had been all she could do to quickly rework her spells and avoid drowning. Swimming through the jagged rocks, she had scaled the sheer cliffs - more with determination than with skill or spells.

Gunda vaulted the parapet easily, moving with ease despite her armour. Her shield and spear at her sides, she surveyed the castle courtyard from behind the visor of her winged helm.
From the front gate to the steps leading up to the main door, the flagstones were bare. Nothing stirred in the darkness of the several doorways opening in the black, curved, smooth walls.
Grinning in grim determination and amusement at the apparent ease of her task, Gunda leapt in the air. The rush of air around her head, muffled by the helm, seemed strangled by the darkness. With a thud, Gunda landed on the courtyard stones, twenty feet below the wall's crest. She whipped her head around, making sure no danger lurked nearby, and sped over the smooth stones towards the steps.
The doors to the castle were ten feet tall, but each of them only two wide. Made of blue-black metal and decorated with strange patterns, they seemed to bar her way.
Gunda transferred the Spear of Solace from her right hand to the nook of her left arm, and lay the gauntleted hand upon one of the doors.
Gunda leapt back, nimbly landing on the balls of her feet upon one of the steps, as the door's suddenly swung inwards, opening to more darkness.

Gunda turned the corner at a light run, but suddenly froze. Lifting her shield and lowering the tip of her spear to point at the floor, she eyed the two giant shapes in the round room. Seemingly made of black stone, they were shaped like giant men, towering ten feet above Gunda, with shoulders and chests nearly half as broad as they were tall. Their faceless heads had naught but depressions like gaping mouths, yet somehow managed to convey a feeling of sickening terror and pain.
Gunda felt sick to her stomach as the things lurched to life. Raising gigantic hands, each able to crush her body within them, the things moved towards Gunda. She had seen the terrors of war and combat, and had faced many strange beasts, but these things were somehow worse. Somehow the things conveyed the feeling of once having had life and happiness, but now having only this wretched existence.
Gunda moved with incredible speed, ducking between the things' legs and whirling her spear high. She heard two screeches as it connected, but as she stopped and turned around, the things were almost upon her. Leaping back, she swung the spear down upon a giant hand reaching for her, cutting off a stony thumb.
Gunda ducked and weaved, running circles around the huge things, slashing with her spear and cutting deep gouges in the things. Yet they advanced, seemingly unstoppable.
Suddenly, as Gunda leaps sideways to avoid a pillar-like foot's kick, something struck her and sent her flying into the wall. Dazed, she saw that one of the things had flanked her. Her side ached with the pain of broken bones, and Gunda clamped her teeth together hard to avoid yelling out in pain.
Struggling to rise, she summoned as much power as she could, drawing from the Spear. Gunda sprang into the air, kicked herself off the other giant's chest, and spun her spear around three times. Landing, she immediately wheeled around in a crouch.
The giant's stood, headless, for a fraction of a moment. As the huge heads hit the ground, a hollow thud sounded through the room. Only instinct saved Gunda, as she raised her shield to cover her head and body.
The stone things exploded into thousands of fragments, from tiny slivers to rocks the size of a man's fist. They struck the walls, the floor and the ceiling, striking deep. Only Gunda's shield was undamaged, but even she was thrown back and felled by the power of the hail.
Suddenly Gunda realised something. She had felt the thing's lifeforces as she struck their heads, cutting them off. The monsters had had souls - human souls.

An explosion of wood sent splinters flying through the room, striking down the man in blood-red robes. Gunda strode in through the ruins of the door, spear in hand, her visor down to cover her face - to cover her tears. She took in the room with one glance, and strode towards the man, lying on his side. Lifting the spear, she aimed at his chest.
"Would you not atleast know my name?" the red-skinned sorcerer pleaded, but Gunda saw him reach behind him, where a curved dagger of black crystal lay on the flagstones.
"I shall know the weight of your sins, and that is enough for me." With that, Gunda thrust her spear into the man's heart. She shuddered as the Spear of Solace shrived the man of his evil, sending his soul to the bliss of Solace.
As if a huge weight had struck her, Gunda faltered. She had slain men and worse before, but the warlock's evil was more than he could have thought. Or perhaps it was knowing that she now carried the man's vile deeds on her soul, including the rape of her own mother.

The flames rose higher and higher, toppling one of the spires, consuming the castle in their iridescence. Gunda stood, her back to the crumbling fortress, on the edge of a cliff protruding over the crashing sea. In the darkness, she wept bitter tears.

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